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At MG Jewellery Designs we strive to be able to provide the highest quality custom designed and made wedding rings for our clients. Getting your wedding ring custom made allows you to choose from an array of styles, designs and looks. You also get to choose from a broad range of categories which include classic wedding bands, modern bands and unique ring designs. We can also design your wedding ring so that it works perfectly with the engagement ring.

In order to help you choose a design, you get to pick from an array of wedding rings that we have on display. Every ring can be tried on to see if it suits your style and taste.

Our clients have the choice of choosing any one of our designs as well as creating their own design by going through a special custom design process.

We think that the best way to facilitate couples is to offer a no obligation design appointment, which gives you a chance to browse through what we have available and discuss what you need with our experts.

To look at some of our latest work across all ring types on Instagram.
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Services We Provide


Jewellery Remodeling

Many people own a piece of jewellery that they do not wear and so for them we await the opportunity to transform their precious piece of outdated jewellery into the latest work of art. Our expert jewellery ….


Jewellery Repairs

People are strongly advised to get their jewellery checked on a regular basis for safety catches, security settings and wear. At MG Jewellery we provide our clients with complimentary ring cleaning service,….


Custom Jewellery

Custom; it’s what we do. From the simplest wedding band to the most complex of rings, every ring is customized in our design process. Using our computer aided design system, we work closely with the client ….


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