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One of the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing a diamond is that the shape needs to perfectly match the style of the ring.

The most popular and often regarded as the classic diamond shape is the Round Brilliant. This shape has 57 facets that bring out sparkle, fire and brilliance of the stone.

People who are searching for a more contemporary style of diamond should consider the Princess Cut, this happens to be the second most popular cut which is square rectangular shape with pointed corners as well as an array of intricate facets which entice the diamond to sparkle.


The Asscher cut, is described as a square type emerald. The shape evokes a sort of art deco feel which takes you back to the laid back 1920s and 30s. The shape itself was created around the turn of the 20th century, and is now becoming popular again.

The Radiant Cut is comparatively scarce yet it appeals to people searching for a unique look. The cut combines the lines from the emerald shape with the brilliance of the round cut.

Like the Asscher cut shape, the cushion cut too has been popular for over a hundred years. The soft and romantic look of the cut; with rounded corners along with large facets enhance the diamond’s brilliance.

Drama and love is delivered via the Marquise shaped diamond. The tapered points on both ends make it perfect for rings. It helps to create a slender and elongated look. That said it also maximizes the stone’s carat weight, this gives it the appearance of an often larger size diamond.

The pear shape is famous for its teardrop shape which combines a rounded end with a pointy, tapered tip similar to the Marquise cut.

People who are searching for a classic shape the oval cut is the perfect diamond for them. This is a lot like a classic round diamond but deliver a bit more beauty. The elongated shape works to add interest to the ring while still accentuating the hand’s slender look.

For romance and love the heart shaped diamond is the most popular.

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