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The diamonds’ cut refers to the proportions and angles created when the diamond cutter worked to transform it from the rough to its polished state. When buying a diamond, we recommend that you stick with purchasing the highest grade cut within your budget, because the cut has the strongest influence on the stone’s appearance.

This cut dictates how the light moves through the stone. So, in other words the cut will determine how much your diamond will sparkle. A well cut diamond will reflect lots of light internally from one side of its facet to the other, hence dispersing light evenly through the top of it. If it’s cut too shallow and wide, it will lose the light via the bottom. If it’s cut too deep and narrow it will lose light from its sides.

MG Jewellery Designs sells only the highest grade cut diamonds in order to offer maximum brilliance.

Common Cut Grades:

  • Ideal: This is a rare cut, and all the light entering the diamond is reflected via the top. This will produce the highest level of overall brilliance.
  • Excellent: This is an exquisite cut, and all the light entering the diamond will be reflected via the top. This will produce a certain level of great brilliance.
  • Very Good: Even though this cut may not be perfect, a lot of the light entering the diamond is going to be reflected via the top. This will make the diamond look brilliant.
  • Good: This grade is not brilliant as the top three but still happens to be very bright.
  • Fair: These diamonds are imperfectly cut so they tend to lose a lot of the light and are duller.
  • Poor: These diamonds have been cut often too shallow or deep which is why they lose their light.

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