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When buying a diamond, it is often preferred that you buy one that has the least amount of colour

Colourless Diamonds (D-F)

Diamonds that are colourless or within the colourless range are the rarest and most valuable. Ideally, you’ll want to purchase D/E colour stones because they display almost no colour, whereas F coloured diamonds have an undetectable amount of colour when viewed closely by a gemologist.

Near Colourless Diamonds (G-J)

Diamonds that are in the near colourless range will often appear to be colourless when they are placed in the face up position but will display colour when they are viewed face down against a white background. This trace amount of colour will mostly be undetectable to a non-expert once the diamond is mounted. These diamonds can offer a tremendous amount of value for the price.

What is diamond fluorescence and how does it work?

There are some diamonds that display a small visible amount of light which is why they are labelled as fluorescent when exposed to mainly ultraviolet light. The fluorescence is often faint, strong or medium. The most common is blue fluorescence, but diamonds can also be orange, yellow and white fluorescent. On the whole fluorescence does not have a whole lot of effect on the appearance of a diamond when viewed under standard light. A strong blue fluoresce can often make a yellow diamond appear to be white, and it can also cause the stone to look oily and milky in very rare cases. This effect is often referred to as “over blue” and mainly applies to a minority of “very strong” and “strong” fluorescent stones.

How to choose the right diamond colour?

Many people often find it difficult if not downright impossible to tell the difference between one grade and the other. But the difference in prices can be significant. Those who want the purist diamond will opt for the D-F range. However, G-I range diamonds offer the most value for money while they still have a colourless look. If you are on a budget then choose “J” diamonds, these are affordable and nearly colourless. A diamond with a medium to strong fluoresce may also be a good idea. Because these diamonds are often sold at a slight discounted price they are highly affordable yet appear colourless minus the premium.

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